The FlipDot Communicator

Written on December 14, 2020


The FlipDotCommunicator is a device for social distancing distant socializing.

In these times of high paced, direct digital communication, it is a reminder of the physical and the momentariness. It is a tool to embrace non-explicit communication.

With its soft and erratic flipping sounds, it should bring a little bit of humanness back to our living space. Every message that is received is deleted immediately from the server. When pressing the button, the content is displayed. Once the button is pressed again, the transmission is gone forever. It can stay forever, but thereby it hinders new messages from being received.

It exists in this moment and this moment only—one message at a time. It forces the user to acknowledge the evanescence of a moment, pushing to cherish them more again.



The final interactive piece is the Website. It acts as the virtual prototype of the device, but more importantly, as the interface for it as well.

→ Visit the Website here

Technical Drawing

Being an industrial designer, I wanted to create some technical drawings to give better understanding to the physical form. It is not a full fletched out drawing, thus I see this more as an artistic visualization instead of a building plan.

Technical Drawing

Find the instructions to build your own → here.

The Device