Building The Prototype — Part I: The Case

Written on December 4, 2020

As now the hardware components are fixed and the final presentation is coming closer, I need to create the product I envision. I took this Friday to focus on model making.

The Case

Andreas was so kind to print the second iteration for me again. I needed to make some adjustments, including the new ESP32 board and fixing some issues I had with the first prototype. Also I added a lid to it and a small angle position at the bottom to be able to tilt the whole device.

Rhino Screenshot Case v2

Here you can see the 3D file that I used for the print: (Note: this implementation is a refactor of my second 7-in-7 project.)

After printing, I followed the classic model-making process of filling, sanding, and spray painting. A nice throwback into my undergraduate studies. Luckily, I was allowed to use the workshop of my former office. Thank you all!

The case in process

Now, the paint is drying, hence I need to wait until I can continue assembling the prototype.