Sketch Diary — 6/7

Written on October 27, 2020

I briefly had a chat today with my friend Hans. He encouraged me to use physical techniques instead of always code. Thinking about today and how much I have been coding due to the CC assignment, doing something physical seemed like a good idea. This is why I am trying to use pen and aquarelle today. To get into the drawing mood, I am listening to his music (which I can totally recommend by the way).

This could be a good method to also loosen up myself a little, hinting to Wesley’s comment from yesterday.


I wanted to capture my experiences of the day in a sketch. Like a diary entry, I wanted to capture the most relevant aspects of today.


I started with a list of prompts that seemed to be worth capturing:

Post It

And then started right away drawing. I decided for a mixture between colorful aquarelles (as I enjoy using the technique) and clear iconographic line drawings. A mixture between two worlds.


After having done the sketch, I thought of creating a similar effect in a more randomized manner and scribbled the icons again, along with brush strokes, adding them to a P5 sketch (it seems I cannot live without code..).


Try clicking to iterate the image. You can edit the sketch here.


It felt liberating to use physical tools again. Not being able to adjust the piece again feels uncomfortable for me, but exciting. Also I am not quite sure if I like the quick P5 sketch, but I also do not dislike it. I definitely want to, need to try out more projects that are less constrained by myself.