Moon Landing — 3/7

Written on October 24, 2020


Being fascinated by space and space travel, I decided for today to create a moon landing scene in p5. A simple sketch in which objects are pulled down by the Moon’s gravity.


I am inspired by Wesley Chau’s project and the usage of photographs of something real, put together so oddly with the plain white background. This will be the baseline for my objects.

The intention was to simulate the gravity on the moon with random space objects, that float around and bump into each other. To achieve that, I experimented with a virtual gravity and collision.

Hitbox prototype

Intentionally, I wanted to have the elements also be rotating to simulate the space feeling even more, but this destroyed the boundaries so far (I need to figure out a way to do so). Also sometimes the objects are overlapping, which then destroys the collision concept. I used red boxes as prototypes (see image above ↑) for the images, to know when they hit each other, to have a better visual representation of the hit-box. Also the courser should be able to push the elements around.


You can find the sketch here.