Artist Statement [draft]

Written on October 21, 2020

I worked as an industrial designer, interaction designer, and creative technologist for the last three years. I have learned what it means to be a designer nowadays, that it (luckily) shifted from being the person who only creates appealing forms to the person that creates systems, structures, or strategies. We as designers finally have the privilege to shape our future consistently at a large scale, the way we always envisioned, being able to tackle problems at their core. We should be aware of that power that we got, but more importantly, we should be aware of the responsibility it consequently inherits.

Through my experience, I became aware of my responsibility towards our society and I want to take it on consciously. I want to use this privilege to create a world in which everyone is welcome, in which we take care of each other and also the environment. It is wrong to design solely for profit. It often enforces the scarcity of resources and discrimination of people. We cannot tolerate this and need to adapt respectively. As I am personally deeply interested in technology, I want to use this excitement to build up my expertise to be able to bring this topic thoroughly into the conversation. Technology is in my opinion a tool, a tool that can be used benevolently but also maliciously. It is not always easy to understand the blurry lines since the consequences are not necessarily visible immediately, especially with constantly emerging developments and inventions. Everything I create should therefore aim to either create the usage of technology with a clear conscience helping to shape it or to enable others to understand technology more thoroughly, through usage or provocation, so that everyone can make informed decisions.

I dedicate my work to designing a world without harm with an emphasis on technology, either by creating it myself or by empowering others to do so.